When you’ve got a lot of friends and family that you want to give fun and memorable gifts, it can take some hard work to figure something out for each and every person. One easy solution for happy home building is to buy something in bulk that everyone will love but that few people have ever heard of. One of the best options for this is to buy plants and feathers embedded in lucite, which can come either in the form of bracelets and other jewelry for women, or as paperweights and decorative blocks for men. If you’ve never seen what plants embedded in lucite look like before, I really suggest you google it and take a peek. There are tons of different kinds for sale on etsy, and they’re almost all amazingly striking and beautiful.

I tried this last year – I got in touch with a woman on etsy who sold plants embedded in lucite bracelets, and I got a bulk discount for buying 20 of them at once. I gave them out in special handwrapped boxes to each of my family members, and I tried to give them plants that suited their personalities as well. I think it was a resounding success.