I have so many friends these days, and so many family members, that it can get hard to find unique and fun gifts for all of them. One of the easiest things you can do to make sure that you can give a fun and memorable gift to everybody is to focus on the most central things about that person. You can give them a gift based on their name, or based on their occupation, or based on where they’re from that’s always sure to please. One of the best ideas to give a gift based on where they’re from is to have a common flower from their hometown – such as their state or county flower – embedded and preserved in a block of lucite.

This is a stunningly beautiful decorative piece if it is well made without air bubbles, and if the flower inside is fresh and well preserved. I have often had people tell me that it was the most beautiful gift they ever received. It’s even better if you can find out what their favorite flower is – take a look at what’s in their garden or what flowers they keep around their house.