I never thought I’d have cause to be on the internet googling around for fun gift ideas, since I always knew exactly what to get my friends and family. Then I started working in an office, and all of a sudden I had to come up with gifts for my co workers, and worst of all, for my boss. There’s really nothing worse than having to come up with a gift for your boss – I don’t know anything about the guy, and I haven’t said more than ten words to him in my whole two years here. So what do you get a guy you know nothing about? It’s a hard problem.

The only things I knew were that he drove a BMW and that I’d seen golf clubs in his office. But how would I even know if they were his golf clubs, or if he were holding them for a friend. Should I just get him a “#1 Boss” mug? Nobody really wants that, though, and I wanted my gift to stand out. I ended up taking a risk and getting him a bottle of scotch – I got a raise a week later, so I think it worked out. 🙂