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My Experience Looking for Fun Gift Ideas

I never thought I’d have cause to be on the internet googling around for fun gift ideas, since I always knew exactly what to get my friends and family. Then I started working in an office, and all of a sudden I had to come up with gifts for my co workers, and worst of all, for my boss. There’s really nothing worse than having to come up with a gift for your boss – I don’t know anything about the guy, and I haven’t said more than ten words to him in my whole two years here. So what do you get a guy you know nothing about? It’s a hard problem.

The only things I knew were that he drove a BMW and that I’d seen golf clubs in his office. But how would I even know if they were his golf clubs, or if he were holding them for a friend. Should I just get him a “#1 Boss” mug? Nobody really wants that, though, and I wanted my gift to stand out. I ended up taking a risk and getting him a bottle of scotch – I got a raise a week later, so I think it worked out. 🙂

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My name is Tammy and I love giving gifts! The look on a person’s face when they get a gift can be one of my favorite things.

This blog could easily be titled: “Coming Up With Fun Gift Ideas For Your Friends And Family.”

Even if you know a person well, coming up with the perfect gift to give them can be a big challenge. This is especially true when you’re shopping for adults. After all, a lot of people will simply buy the things they want themselves.

If you’re struggling to come up with fun gift ideas for the people in your life, give these simple tips a quick read. They’ll help you find the perfect presents for anyone on your shopping list.

1. Look For Things They’d Never Buy Themselves

A lot of people have a hard time indulging themselves. Try to give people special treats, like a beautifully-made piece of clothing or a trip to the spa.

2. Pay Close Attention To Want They Want

Listen to the things people talk about. People often casually mention wanting something in conversation. If you show you’ve been paying attention to what they say, they’ll be really touched.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Do Things Yourself

Even if you’re not very crafty, you should be able to come up with a great DIY gift. You could create your own gift basket or design a custom gift card! The sky’s the limit.